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32INCH-HD-36 - G1GE-320SM0-R5 (10,11,19] - 36.3 Cm 36 Led Tv Led Bar

32INCH-HD-36 - G1GE-320SM0-R5 (10,11,19] - 36.3 Cm 36 Led Tv Led Bar

TV Modelleri : 32C20121229CWBA041, 32C20121229CWBA042

The TV Backlight For Samsung is compatible with most Samsung TVs, as well as other brands of TVs with USB ports. You can adjust the brightness, sharpness, and color settings from your remote control or smartphone app12. You can also choose from various modes, such as music, movie, or game, to match the content you are watching or playing. The TV Backlight For Samsung can react to the sound and create dynamic lighting effects that enhance your viewing experience.

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The 32INCH-HD-36 - G1GE-320SM0-R5 is a 36.3 cm (14.29 inches) LED bar designed for television backlighting. It features 36 LEDs arranged in a linear configuration. This LED bar provides bright and uniform illumination for your TV screen, enhancing your viewing experience.

Key features of the 32INCH-HD-36 - G1GE-320SM0-R5 LED TV bar:

Length: 36.3 cm (14.29 inches)

LED Count: 36 LEDs

Application: Backlighting for TVs

Compatibility: Suitable for various TV models

Installation: Easy to install and replace

Whether you’re repairing a faulty backlight or upgrading your TV’s visual appeal, the 32INCH-HD-36 - G1GE-320SM0-R5 LED bar is a reliable choice. Enjoy vivid colors and improved contrast with this energy-efficient lighting solution.

tem type:32INCH-HD-36  LED TV Backlight
PCB Material:Aluminum PCB
PCB Thickness:1OZ
LED Source:3030/3535 Led Chip
TV Backlight Lens:Original from Korea
LED Lights Color:WHITE
Led Backlight Size:36.3cm 36led
One Complete Set:
Package:Packing with TRAY, Export carton
Guarantee:2 years, if have problem, refund full
Delivery:Sample order 1-2 days, mass order 3-25 day
Tv Modelleri:
LTA320AN01, LJ64-03019A
LJ07-00924A, 32C20121229CWBA041, 32C20121229CWBA042


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